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Wishing there was a magic source of professionals. But it's really great that we can solve "magic issues" with ordinary tools.

UNIQA unites experienced and passionate professionals who based their knowledge on the mix of fundamentals of recruiting science & modern headhunting technologies.

We recruit for IT, Power & Energy sectors as well as for Industry & Hi-Tech.

Our goal is to find a qualified professional in a timeline that you define. Speaking of qualified we hear you saying - "Yes. This is the guy".

Now you can completely painlessly think about finding a foreign specialist. We have everything to make the process of employment inconspicuous. We will choose the best options for a particular foreign employee.

The central office UNIQA is located in Moscow, but we have all competences to operate worldwide!


Professional experience

Average work experience of our recruitment consultants is 10 years. Our candidate database includes 80 000 people.

Customized approach

The most valuable reward for us is our clients turned into friends. That is why our business is built on individual personalized approach to a specific customer with a specific problem. 

Speed and Honesty

Our main goal is to find for you the best professionals at the shortest period. During the first 10 days we introduce you at least 3 candidates. We are always honest while providing the candidates information and sharing the details of project management.

What we do

Professional selection and Executive search

We know where and how to find exceptional professionals who will improve your business.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Individual consultant or the entre team will be in change of recruitment for your company. We will concentrate excentrate exceptionally on your projects for the given period, working remotely or directly in your office.

Competitor`s analysis

We can undertake competitor analysis, their organizational structure, management team and key employees; provide you the review of salaries and motivation systems, as well as comparative analysis.

Employment of foreigners

We take the entire process on ourselves. You won't think about terms and requirements anymore, we'll do everything for you.



Natalia Proskurina

My credo: «Let's do the impossible, others will manage the possible without us»
Education: Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping

Business Development Manager

Anna Perelygina

My credo: "Do what you love. Love what you do"
Education: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics


Elena Bondarenko

My credo: «Shine always, shine everywhere!»
Education: Moscow Energetic Institute; Graduate Studies Program Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Silicon Valley


Natalya Khadzhimuradova

My credo: It is better to make and regret, than live to regret the undone»
Education: Psychological, Tver State University


Michael Ivanov

CEO of NTechLab


Cooperation with UNIQA fully met our expectations. Girls with high quality and very quickly helped us form a great team. We have seen that UNIQA consultants are well versed in the IT market, in a short time can close a very difficult positions, finding rare experts. Professionalism, client focus and genuine involvement in our processes has enabled UNIQA to become a reliable partner for us. We look forward to continued cooperation and wish them luck!

Igor Kolotovkin

CFO, "Rock Flow Dynamics"


"The UNIQA Company perfectly closed us (and hopefully will close more) the number of complex vacancies. Natalia Proskurina, we interact with, understands the opportunities and needs of the client and sends candidates that meet all our requirements. Natalia is an experienced psychologist, she has one of the largest database in our industry and, I think, she just has a "light hand" - its candidates are well accustomed to us."

Sergey Morozov



We want to express our thanks UNIQA's team for providing high-quality recruitment services. Thanks to UNIQUA we were able to fill a number of key vacancies, such as «Business Development Director» and «Marketing director». This would be impossible without deep dive into specifics of our company, attention to details and opportunity to immediately address to emerging issues.

Pavel Boyko

CEO of Telum LLC


Let me express how satisfied I am with the work UNIQA's consultants have done for me. Every high-tech company faces HR-related issues, such as search and recruitment. The best way to solve it is to cooperate with UNIQA.
In a short time UNIQA became for us the best channel for recruitment. In two months amount of interviews increased in 3 times, some of candidates already became the part of our team!

Dmitry Khlebanov

Development director at Vist Mining Technology


VIST Mining Technology is an innovative IT company specializing at mining industry. Our essential major asset is personnel. We do not have in-house HR-specialists, however high-quality recruitment is very important for us. Cooperation with UNIQA convinced us in competence, sustainability and efficiency of objectives’ execution. We trusted very important part of our job, recruitment, to UNIQA and as a result got great personnel at our company.

Nikolay Volchenko

CEO of OODJITradingCo. Shanghai


UNIQA is one of the best Executive search companies in Eastern Europe. I was happy to work on several projects in partnership with UNIQA.The experience was always absolutely amazing. Sometimes, when facing a complex project, HRD dreams of miracle. UNIQA is that kind of miracle. These guys take over difficulties and make it through even when everyone from the market says that it is impossible. All of us have their emergency number on their phones. For some of them it's "911", for me it is UNIQA's number.

Alexey Levin

Deputy Director of the Center for CECM


«ECMC Center» expresses the gratitude to UNIQA for successful filling a number of complex vacancies which required the search of rare, highly qualified professionals in the energy industry.
Particularly, we would like to mention the skill to understand and even to feel what kind of people we do, both in professional and personal respect.
In addition, UNIQA’s consultants very quickly respond to requests, which speaks of well-built business system processes within the company and a high level of customer orientation.
We recommend UNIQA to any companies with a concern of searching personnel in energy and other fields.

Kirill Zimin

Deputy Project Director of RDC FGC UES


UNIQA is our sustainable partner. UNIQA's consultants can go into the problem and solve difficult tasks. «RDC FGC UES» is a leader in scientific, projective and engineering solutions in energy systems and interconnection management field, in production and distribution of energy consumption sphere, mode and methods of power transmission optimization, power supply network and energy objects engineering.
That is why we value the most specialists who understand peculiarities of the industry and be able to speak the same language with the candidates.
UNIQA's consultants possess the great knowledge of subject and the ability to find a specific approach to each candidate.

Alexei Marchenkov, PhD

Bleximo Corp., California, USA


I had worked very closely with Natalia and Anna prior to UNIQUA’s formation. Their tenacity, attention details, speed and quality of execution are truly impressive. I would not recommend trying anyone else, if you urgently need to fill a critical tech position in your company.
For foreign entrepreneurs, I also highly recommend UNIQA's visa, work permit and employee relocation services. They have an outstanding expertise and proven record of finding quick and efficient solutions in complex situations.

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119019, Moscow,
3/3 Bolshoy Afanasyievsky lane

Telephone: +7 916 992-21-83

E-mail: anna@uniqa-agency.org

119019, Moscow, 3/3 Bolshoy Afanasyievsky lane

Telephone: +7 916 992-21-83

E-mail: anna@uniqa-agency.org